Fair Marketing
We invite our partners to actively develop structural business with AQUIX on mutual beneficial terms. Payoffs to our partners will amount more than 30%. The partner who owns an investment portfolio receives additional benefits.
Marketing advantages
Transfers of funds between partners' accounts are available in the back office.
Funds withdrawal from personal account is available starting from $10. The funds are withdrawn during several hours.
Marketing will be complemented with various bonuses and loyalty programs.
Marketing terms will be developed together with company leaders.
Financial expectations of the project
According to our team's estimation during the period from 2 to 6 years the business of LLC «AQUIX» is able to bring its shareholders profit more than 400% from the initial value of the shares. The company value will increase at least four times. This figure will be achieved through the shipment of products, payment of dividends and repurchase of shares.

LLC «AQUIX» works in the sphere of scientific research and organizing of experimental production. The team realizes and warns its shareholders in advance about potential risk situations, for example postponement of the stated terms. Invest in our company only free and available funds.

The chart demonstrates three financial scenarios of production and sales of company's products. Payment of dividends is indicated with a full line and growth of share value is marked with dashed line.
~ 40% per year
Pessimistic scenario income
~ 80% per year
Realistic scenario income
~ 160% per year
Optimistic scenario income
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